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The House of Hohenzollern

Dezember 9, 2017Bynikolaj_16fr58qaNo comments
The House of Hohenzollern, also called Castle Hohenzollern is a tourist attraction nearby Tuebigen in South Germany. The Castle is located on top of a small mountain and surrounded by thick wood. I was visiting the castle in December last year and wanted to capture the castle wrapped in ice and snow. Unfortunately December last...
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House of Hohenzollern

The Clan Jetties, Penang

Dezember 2, 2017Bynikolaj_16fr58qaNo comments
The Clan Jetties in Penang, Malaysia are unique Chinese settlements that have been around since the 19th century. Along the wooden pier Chinese immigrants live in their houses on stills until now. On a short trip to Penang last year I was able to visit the Clan Jetties and captured this beautiful image. Its definitely...
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